Thursday, March 3, 2011

For my sister's anniversary

I made her this video.

It was footage we took while shooting their family pictures.

For those of you that already saw it on Facebook.

I am sorry.

Come back later to see what I was up until 4 am making.

Oh and here's a little fun fact:

Nat called me and asked;

"Did you speed up the video? Or are we really moving that fast?"

Yes Natalie I sped up the video. I wanted to fit more footage in to a 2 minute song.

Reheis Family from Krystle Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. How super sweet of you...I love it!!! What an adorable family she has too!

    Liesl :)

  2. Sooooooo I dunno if you know that my little boy Preston is going to marry Rylie one day.
    He actually sat still and watched the video looking for her.
    Pretty sure we'll have you take their wedding pictures sometime in 2032. Save the date.

  3. K, is rylie wearing yellow true religions? and where is her petty skirt from? Is that metallic? Cute video!

  4. Hey I think it's a valid question to ask. I know I can move at super speeds. The only thing that doesn't seem right when it's that fast is Rylie running at the end. hahaha I don't care what she says, she is not that fast.

    Brittney-The jeans are not True Religions. Krystle actually got them at Goodwill for like 2 bucks. And the skirt has silver sequins all over it. I don't know where that's from?? I think maybe Downeast??


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