Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True.....

Seriously you guys.

I am not even joking.

Try to watch the video below and not crack a smile.

I freaking dare you.

Honestly if Corey ever wanted to give me THE BEST present ever he would;

Take me for a walk through a busy street, park, museum (whatever) etc.

And everyone there would bust out into a choreographed musical number, in which I would already know all of the words and dance moves.

Seriously watch the video.

The part where he tosses his messenger bag and starts snapping just makes my heart happy.


  1. I love this movie! I love the part with the construction worker. Uh, do you watch modern family because they did a hilarious episode with something like this. If you don't watch already, you should start. now.

  2. (500) Days Of Summer = my favorite movie ever!! (well... one of!!)

  3. Krystal: I just read your comment on my blog, I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I will pray for her, prayer really does help if not to completely heal, it helps to comfort and help find some peace.

  4. I personal love the bluebird on his shoulder, it reminds me of this, which reminds me of my childhood and that just about always produces warm fuzzies :)


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