Friday, March 6, 2009

75% of the Brown Girls (The lovely Maddy is m.i.a.)

It's Official.

I am only related to attractive people.

Say what you want but I have beautiful family. Beautiful sisters.One fetching brother. One lovely niece. Exquisite cousins. Charming grandmothers. Glamorous Aunts. Elegant mothers. Handsome fathers. One foxy husband. Not to mention my friends and clients that I count as family. It's not just looks that make them attractive. Its the breath-taking souls that are housed by their bodies.

Like I said. I am fortunate to be surrounded by attractive people.

See for yourself. The proof is in the pudding.

During my stay in Arizona I coerced Mysti into letting Bryton and Ivy ditch school last Wednesday.

We spent most of the day adoring baby Rylie.

An hour of the day however, was spent taking these pictures. I am still experimenting with my camera and these girls don't exactly shy away from the lens. They were very prepared with wardrobe changes and posing options.

Thanks for the practice girls. Looking good.

We also took some senior pictures of Taylor. I can't believe she graduates this year.

She is a very talented girl. We took dance photos as well.


  1. Wow Krystle, you are very talented! I should have you take baby pictures of Wade!!! We are coming down next Thursday and I'd love to see you, let me know if you can!

  2. Very nice! I love the little models. Looks like they were prepared for the shoot! And I can't believe Taylor is graduating. Crazy.

  3. Indeed those are beautiful girls! But seriously, I hate people that take pictures like you. I hate people that know how to work a camera properly and have really great lighting and angles and blah blah blah. Stop pushing your gorgeous photography in my inept face!!!! :) There, I'm done ranting now. Great post. :)

  4. Remember that time when Krystle had a secret photography talent and took freaking awesome pictures....ya that just happened!
    ps come take my family pictures...I'm dead serious.

  5. KRYSTLE! This is the first time I am commenting on someone's blog! Your pictures are AMAZING! One day maybe you can use Molly as a model. LOL! I'm just kidding!

  6. krystle, love the pictures. We have been wondering how the interview went?????


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