Friday, March 13, 2009

and, oh my love you're all i need.....

Stop the press.

We found gainful employment.

It's no small feat in this economy.

We are moving to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Where my husband will be selling commercial insurance.

For the Starley-Leavitt Group.

We paid a visit to Twin Falls this past weekend.
It is a beautiful place.

Even 3 hour road trips with Mr. J are an adventure.
In the car I am forced to listen to the rantings of Sean Hannity.

Undoubtedly my narcolepsy kicks in before too long.

Thank heavens.

As if finding employment wasn't thrilling enough.
We decided to base jump off the Snake River Canyon on our way out of town.

Ya right.

But a girl can dream.
My brave husband however, does insist he will one day participate in this foolishness.
Good luck Precious.

**Side note to clients who may be reading this**
I will still be trekking it down to AZ once a month for some quality time in the salon. Don't panic. I am not abandoning you.


  1. Yes!!! Congrats on the new job Corey. That is very impressive considering the fact that everyone else seems to be losing their jobs :(

    I must say I have never visited twin falls, tell me all about it. When are you moving?

  2. WELCOME TO IDAHO!!! You'll love it. We are only a couple hours away. Congratulations Corey.

  3. Those pics are cool! Congrats! Thank goodness you are not abandoning me, I don't know what I would do!

  4. Yeah, congrats on finding employment. Try to spread the love and send some employment luck our way. Best of luck to you guys!

  5. Congratulations to BOTH of you. I was trying ever so hard to be happy for you as I was reading about your move...tears of selfishness filling my eyes and images of nightmarish hair forming in my mind....PROMISE you won't leave me?!? P.S. WHEN is my next appointment? I lost my card....

  6. Well it figures you guys would move to Idaho just when Chris and I are leaving for the summer! But congrats anyways! Love you guys!

  7. Thank you for all of your support, it was a stressful process but now the new "journey" begins! I've never heard about the Leavitt Group and it's interesting how I stumbled across the opportunity, but a story for another day....we are the 3rd largest privately held insurance broker in the nation that focuses on providing all insurance needs for any size business (I think that was my first sales pitch....) I am training right now in Cedar City, UT (beautiful place) and we will be moving to Twin Falls in a couple of weeks!!

    PS - I don't force Krystle to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I just want them to help explain the differences between socialism and capitalism and where our incompetent leader is taking us......:(...just had to throw my two cents in there before our right to free speech is taken away....


  8. Regardless of his competency he is still our leader C-dawg. He should be given a fair chance to lead. Stop monching on that bitter stick Mr. Sour.

  9. How fun! I always tell Aaron how beautiful Idaho is and how I loved living in Idaho...and that I would like to move back. He agrees with me and talks for an hour about all the great hunting opportunities right out your back door...finally we remember that there is no Furniture Plus in Idaho, alas keeping us here in Mesa.(not to mention a few demanding family members) I'm excited for you though!

  10. I love your blog! Congrats Corey on your new job! Idaho sounds like it will be really exciting!

  11. Dear Ms. Krystle who IS still going to be doing my hair . . .
    I left you a friendship award on my blog. Come and get it!!
    **blows kisses** Deborah

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