Thursday, March 19, 2009


I got a churro from Del Taco.

For 2 seconds I thought I was at DisneyLand.

No Joke.

Then it reminded me of this awesome picture of Corey.

Delighting in his first D-Land churro.

And Because I love him so much, I choose not to post the picture of him devouring his first D-Land Turkey Leg.

Your welcome, Corey.


  1. Ahhh, I love the D-land churros. There is nothing like them.

  2. LOL! That brings back memories!!!

  3. Hey, when do you move to Twin Falls? Will you be in Utah next week? We are coming down and it would be fun to see you guys and to meet Corey. Plus I was wondering how much you charge to put some highlights in my hair, plus a trim? I love that you are going to be closer :) Hope we can see you!!

  4. Heck yeah, you and me tomorrow. Call me when you wake up....hopefully before noon. :)

  5. dont worry i was just at disneyland last week and i ate plenty of churros for you!


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