Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awake Is The New Sleep.

While trying to power through my insomnia I remembered a conversation I once shared with a client.

She Said, "Krystle it's been a rough year for us. Both my husband and I have had a Mid-life crisis."

I Said, "Did you guys get everything figured out?"

To which she responded, "Oh ya. I found Jesus. He bought a Harley."

I personally found Jesus a long time ago.

But ironically last year Corey bought a Harley.

Last month when we were in Arizona Corey begged Ivy to go on a short ride around the block.

She declined.

He pleaded.

She declined once more.

I then convinced her just to sit on the back and let me take a picture.

She should've known when I put the helmet on her that she would be doing more than posing on the bike.

I then told Corey to just drive around the block. What was she going to do jump off?

Look at her face in this picture as he is slowly driving away. It's my favorite. So Ivy.

Oh ya and if you were wondering:

Yes, the sissy bar, saddlebags and luggage rack were all gifts for my birthday last year.

Oh happy day.

P.S. Ivy is wearing my Vans in the top picture. No her feet aren't freakishly big.


  1. Hey, Corey was just lookin out for you. Of course you need a sissy bar and saddlebags. You would be a total loser if you were caught riding on that hog without them!

    ps. i noticed ivys vans, i was thinking...what a stylish little gal. but of course they were yours.

  2. Oh I remember that Harley/Jesus conversation...or atleast hearing all about it...wow good times at Paradox!

    sort of makes me want to go pick up lunch at Tia Rosas, or take a walk to the bread shop.

  3. i just love reading your and jill's witty comments back and forth to each other! i miss you too! is this true you will be down for the wedding??? i hope it is!


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