Saturday, December 27, 2008

Are Those Coordinating Pajamas?

Why yes they are thank you so much for asking.
I was totally jazzed when Corey agreed to wear our coordinating jams.
So out of character for him.'Tis the season I guess.
This picture isn't exactly the best but if You are a true follower of my blog you already know my husband and I hardly ever take a picture where we both look good. This will do. You can hardly see our killer jammies but get over it.
By the time I woke up Christmas morning Corey was already sporting his adidas track pants and raunchy fleece zip up.
I swear I would burn those track pants if I could. I am just terrified of what the retaliation could possibly be. My yellow flats perhaps? No thanks, keep the pants Mr. Johnson.


  1. Cute P.J's-I am so glad I finally get to see a pic of you and your hubby :) Love ya

  2. OMG!! When the heck did you get married??!!! And oh how I miss you so much!! Seriously You need more pics of you on your friggin blog- you look great! Um... do you want to be in my bunko group? Or do you already have one? Also I read nearly all of your posts and I have a cousin Jake that we could set Aimee up with... he is in med school & is super cute! Also I need some more people for my Bunko group can you help me??!! How are you???!!!! Where are you living?? Let's go to lunch!!
    p.s cute pajamas!!! ~Kim Rowberry-Jensen


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