Monday, December 22, 2008

Now This Is Bliss....

I got to spend some time Saturday with my appropriately plump little sister.(Only her belly is plump BTW)

It was the day before she was scheduled to be induced.

I insisted on taking some pictures of her perfectly curved belly.

She proceeded to tell me she was too hideous looking to do such a thing.

Natalie, I totally disagree.

You are amazing.

P.S. David you aren't too bad yourself. I'm going to tell my family that.


  1. Hallelujia! Some pictures of that belly. I have been asking, and asking...

    I know she feels hideous now, but she will be ever so thankful for them later. When her first pregnancy is a warm and fuzzy memory.

    Is that the frame from the much-loved mirror?????

  2. So cute! Great photos. Will you take mine next time I am prego?

  3. Super cute! Did you takes the photos? They look great!

  4. My absolute fav is the last one with the frame!!! Good job!


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