Saturday, December 13, 2008

These ARE a few of my favorite things

1. I love love love this mirror. It has so much potential. I long for the day when I paint the frame a different color. Here it sits against the wall in the garage. Staring at me. I pass it 6 times a day. It's begging to be loved. The garage. What a horrible place to park a lovely mirror I care so deeply for.

2. The Jumper cables. These bad boys came in handy last Friday. One of my proudest moments. My battery died. I then popped the hood and jumped the car myself. First, I had to channel the 17 year old version of myself that rolled my eyes at John when he tried to teach me. I never thought I'd actually have to call upon my jumping skills. Are you proud John? Cause you should be. Lets just hope none of my tires fall off. Sorry to say but I really stopped paying attention when we got to the 'how to put on the spare' lesson. So boring.

3. Last, but surely not least. I ADORE these shoes. I don't even know why. They were like 20 bones at Target. In fact the more I ponder on my adoration of these lovely flats I really have to question my fondness for them. It was these very shoes that almost cost me my life at Natalie's baby shower. That night when I was putting them on I said to myself 'Krystle these shoes will be the death of you tonight'. Boy did I call that one. I practically broke my tailbone due to their lack of traction. How awkward. Luckily my charming and 8 month pregnant sister was there to catch me. Thanks for always having my back Nat. I still cherish them crazy shoes though. I guess they brought me luck the night I had to jump my ride.

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  1. You are still adorable and crazy cute girl! I'm so glad you found my blog. I'm keeping yours handy for when I need a laugh. You crack me up!!! PS Did you get married and not invite your long lost Paradox friend!? How rude!


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