Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lookin Good..........

Why do I call him Mr. Johnson? Let me tell you. First off this precious gem of a man used to teach the 4th grade. In fact that's how we met. He taught at the same school my cousins still proudly attend.
When Mr. J called to ask me out my cousin Bryton could not believe I would be kickin it with the coolest teacher around. In fact I had to play his message for her just to prove it. Thats how my family is. We like proof. Cold hard facts. There it was on my voicemail.
After I replayed the message for her several times she decided to confess something about this amazingly talented 4th grade teacher (who I know proudly call my husband).

"Krystle, if you're going to go out with him there is something you should know. At recess Mr. Johnson throws the football so far."
And then we laughed and laughed. And seriously he does throw a football so far.

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  1. Wow he does look great! Look at Bailey. I love her. She's funny.


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