Saturday, December 13, 2008

Talk about a Christmas miracle! Look how bendy Aimee's legs are! I can't remember the last time I folded my legs in half and rested them on my lap.

Okay, confession. Those are my legs. I was resting them on Aimee's lap. We were trapped in the back of Mysti's Yukon and this option was better than sitting canon ball style with my knees in my chest.
We both had our brown Vans on. When I plopped my legs on her lap I said "Hey Aimee if I took a picture right now it would kind of look like your legs since we have matchy matchy shoes on."
Then she said "wow you're special."
Um ya Aimee I already knew that. My Grandpa Garrett didn't call me 'Special K' for nothing.


  1. oohh "very bendy" -name that show... I will give you a clue she sounds a lot like Kara. Love ya Krystle see ya soon when I get a new hair-do :)

  2. I can seriously do that with my legs...even being nine months preggo. I'll show you.

  3. So apparently if I don't come see you to get my hair done we cease to be friends anymore!! Considering the fact that I had no knowledge of your blog...very upsetting! Well, I still love you any who so keep in touch alright...geez.
    and ps...i'm adding you as a friend, so boo-ya yourself.

  4. Hey, Thanks for the congrats. How are ya? It is good to hear from you. When are you moving up to SL? It will be fun to see you more often, and yeah I will have my favorite hair stylist closer. :) I still cannot find anyone who cuts my hair as good as you, I am way excited!! Be prepared! Love ya!!


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