Monday, December 22, 2008

Lullaby to Rylie

Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,

Smiles await you when you rise.


Pretty baby,

Do not cry.

And I will sing a lullaby.

Rylie Reheis

December 22, 2008

9:29 am

7 lbs. 2 ounces

21 inches long

Positively Perfect in every way


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous baby. That chin is so sweet.

    Hmmm....makes my uterus ache with envy.

    Seriously, she is a very pretty baby. How is Natalie?

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  3. Oh so sweet & perfect! They make pretty babies huh!!! Im so jealous that I cant hold her.

  4. Dont go starting rumors now. LOL. Im not pregnant and will never be pregnant again!! YUK. 3 is enough for me. How about you? Are you pregnant yet? You will be the BEST MOMMY EVER! Im so glad you found my blog. Now I cant read all your comments and laugh until I cry! Your the best.


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